Payment must be received in advance.

  • If payment is not received a reminder will be issued.
  • If payment is not received when reminders are issued the school may decide to refer the debt to the Local Authority to collect, which may involve legal action.


  • Lettings Policy (reviewed Autumn 2020) (Under Review) , with a Covering Statement (reviewed Autumn 2020). (Under Review)

The school does not charge pupils for attending school. The school requests that families make a financial contribution to certain curricular and extra-curricular activities (such as class visits), but does not exclude pupils who are unable to pay. The school may suggest donations for fundraising activities, but does not enforce any charges for these activities.

If you are worried about paying a school for something please speak with our Headteacher (Miss Claire Bright) or one of our Family Support staff, as we may be able to set up a payment plan, or make a referral to another agency who can support you.