Castle View Primary School asks our families, our workforce, and third parties to provide us with a range of information, so that we can carry out our responsibilities as a school.

We always strive to handle this information with consideration and discretion, following the core principles of data protection.

From 25th May 2018 new guidance – the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR – came into place to govern how organisations look after information.

To ensure our compliance with GDPR, the school undertook a review of our policies and procedures to ensure that we comply with these guidelines, and have produced a handbook which provides guidance to school personnel.


School Information Governance Handbook


Further Information

  1. LCC Public Health Information Sharing (Privacy) Notice.

All our families, our workforce and third parties are encouraged to read the policy and relevant privacy notices, to learn about how we handle information.

Readers should note that these are working documents, so as new guidance and information becomes available they will be updated.

Feedback on the content of the documents is welcomed, so that we can make sure that robust and effective procedures are in place, and can be sent to