The school offers hot and cold meals to children across school.  Our school lunches are provided by Lancashire County Council’s catering service. Please click to view the 3 week menu. They cost £2.50 per day, which is payable in advance. Money should be placed inside a sealed envelope stating child’s name, class and that it is ‘dinner money’.

The school asks families to complete a section in the Pupil Information Pack to let us know what kind of meal their children will have.

In line with Food Standards, all children are offered reduced-fat milk daily. We offer milk through the lunchtime catering service, as a drink alongside the meal, which is available to all children.

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a funded school meal, known as the Universal Infant Free School Meal.

We ask that families of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who are eligible to register for income-based Free School Meals continue to register, as this attracts additional funding (Pupil Premium Grant) that the school can use to support children’s learning.

If children are registered for income-based Free School Meals they and the school will benefit from additional funding (Pupil Premium Grant) and discounts (for some school trips). Families can read our report on how we use the Pupil Premium Grant to support children’s learning on the Key Information page.

Families should contact Lancashire County Council on 01524 58 12 07 to check eligibility for income-based Free School Meals. Further information is available on the Lancashire County Council website.

If children come to school without a packed lunch from home, and we are not able to contact a family member to make other arrangements, a school meal will be ordered and charged for them.

When a family fails to pay for a child’s lunch school adopt the Lancashire County Council Debt Management Policy for chargeable items. In such cases:
– a reminder will be issued.
– if payment is not received when reminders are issued the school may decide to refer the debt to the Local Authority to collect, which may involve legal action.

For more details of these policies please see the Policies & Procedures page.

If you are worried about paying a school bill please speak with our Headteacher, Office Staff, or one of our Family Support staff, as we may be able to set up a payment plan, or make a referral to another agency who can support you.