Access Arrangements – School Times, Signing In and Out, and Speaking to Children During the School Day

Our school hours are 8.50am – 3.00pm, but we open our gates and classroom doors from 8.30am every morning.

We do expect that all children should be in school by 8.50am.

If children arrive after 8.50am they may miss registration, so they need to be signed in at the front office by an adult. This is so we know they are in school – in case we have an emergency or evacuation and do a roll-call.

In order to keep children safe, children must be collected from their teacher at 3.00pm, from either their classroom or the yard.

We can only let children leave the school gates alone at 3.00pm if they are in Years 5 or 6, and we have signed consent for the child to ‘walk home alone’ (no matter how far they will be walking).

If children have to leave before 3.00pm they will need to be collected from the office by an adult and be signed out, for the same reason.

We keep the gates shut between 8.50am and 3.00pm, and ask everyone to sign in and out at the front office. This is to make sure we know who is on site – both in case we have an emergency or an evacuation and need to do a roll-call, and to safeguard the children.


Speaking to Children During the School Day

We have a number of children in school who have restricted contact with certain adults, including family members. We manage the contact that all adults have with children during the school day to keep our children safe.

We ask that adults do not call children to the fence to talk during play times. If someone does call a child to the fence our staff will ask the child not to talk to them, and to move away.

If an adult telephones the school during the school day a member of staff will take a message and pass it on to the member of staff responsible for that child. This is both so that we do not disturb their learning in class, and so that children do not accidentally speak to someone they shouldn’t. If the caller thinks it necessary to speak to the child directly, the call will be passed to a member of the Senior Leadership Team who will ask for more details and then agree with the caller what is best to do.

If an adult or family member comes into school during the school day and asks to speak to a child we will ask them to sign in, and to come into an appropriate place (such as the Headteacher’s office) to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team about their concern, and what they need to talk to the child about. If it is appropriate the child will be brought to speak to the visitor in a quiet place in school. We may ask a member of school’s Senior Leadership Team or Pastoral Team to accompany the child during the conversation and to offer support.

If any family member has concerns about who has contact with their child, or their own access to their child, please speak to the Headteacher.