PSHE Curriculum Statement



At Castle View Primary School we believe that PSHE is a vital part of children’s education.

The DfE states that schools should seek to use PSHE education to build on the school curriculum and for teachers to be free to address the topics most relevant for their pupils, drawing on good practice and advice from professional organisations.

In new plans from the Education Secretary it will be compulsory for all schools to teach children about good physical and mental health, how to stay safe on and offline, and the importance of healthy relationships.  The proposals also state that all pupils will study a new reformed relationships education in primary schools.

This will become compulsory in all schools across the country from September 2020, and will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds.



PSHE lessons are taught for 45 minutes each week for children in Y1-Y6.  In the foundation stage, PSHE is an important part of their learning and development so it is planned for in a range of topics covered throughout the year.

Outside of the weekly PSHE lesson children make links between their PSHE learning and other subject areas such as: RE, Computing, History and Geography.   Classes have a range of books to promote inclusion and understanding.  Links to PSHE are made in the headteacher’s assemblies where important issues are covered.  The children in Y6 have a range of school responsibilities.

Outside the statutory PSHE curriculum we also teach children about money, careers and aspirations.  Every half term the children will focus on a career and learn through videos, visits, visitors and role play.  In addition, we teach the children about Growth Mindset through stories and lessons every half term.



Monitoring and assessment is on-going.  Teachers use key questions at the beginning of a topic then review them when the topic is complete to assess children’s learning.